We love Adventure. We love to LAUGH. We love MUSIC.

We are The Claytons.

In us, you will find two Ohio creatives who find adventure in the simplest things.  Our team appreciates the details as well as the big picture and the importance of everything that makes your wedding day yours. From the accents of the bouquets and dress to the wide-angled shot of the skyline that serves as a backdrop for your reception. From the brooch handed down to you from your grandmother to the joy in your guest’s faces as they dance the night away. We are there for it all, ready to retell your story.

We shoot for artistic details and the emotional moments that you are proud to display. We create heirlooms for your children and grandchildren. We want them to see the tears on your mom's face and your new husband's hand on the small of your back during your first dance. Through our images and films, we want to convey the love, the warmth, and the excitement of your day for years to come.

We invite you to explore our website and learn a little bit more about our team! Learn about our style and how we can help tell your story. Hear about our engagement sessions, our wedding trailers and our signature print products that will help you share your favorite moments. Keep up with our blog for real wedding and engagement session inspiration and guides to help in your wedding planning adventures! Together, we want to make your wedding the best experience of your life.



We are thrilled to have been featured on a variety of wonderful wedding publications. Not only recognizing the care and passion that we put into crafting these images, but sharing the love and style of our wonderful couples who put equal care and passion into the details and planning of their day.

We combine our individual expertise and interests to create the unique vision of Swatch Studios. As a team, we are one half technical, and one half hopeless romantic; which lets us capture everything from the detail of your centerpieces to your first sweet moments as bride and groom with perfect mechanics, resulting in beautifully crafted images. Above all, we love to socialize; getting to know you, your family and your friends. The more we know you, the more your personality will shine through in each shot.

We will work to combine your dreams for the day with what we need to create beautiful images. While we are not wedding coordinators, our expertise allows us to step in and guide the day as it progresses; leading to a relaxed confidence that shows through in your photos.

Our favorite part of the day is our time with the two of you. With our private photo shoot, it’ll just be us hanging out and making images. This is a short period of time to step away from the hustle of the day and enjoy a moment alone. This is usually the time where our couples look at each other and take a moment to realize what this day really means. You’re finally married!! We are here to make it a little more relaxed and a little less stuffy. After our time is complete, you get to go enjoy some champagne!  We’ll turn you loose on the most exciting day ever, with the love of your life, your friends and your family.

We are based out of Toledo, Ohio, but we love adventure! While most of our weddings are in Ohio & Michigan, our couples have given us the opportunity to explore much more than our beloved Buckeye State. We’ve logged the miles to Northern Michigan, Indiana, Maryland and all the way to Hawaii in the name of love!

We are always excited to travel to places near and far for our Swatch Couples. Let us pack our swimsuits with you for your destination wedding in Mexico, or help you pitch a tent for your mountainside elopement. We would love to spend more time in New York, Chicago and even L.A.. We live for adventure and would love to explore new places with you!