After you feel like you have a good idea of what we are all about, connect with us! Tell us a little about yourselves, what makes you awesome, and what you have planned for the big day. We would love to invite you into our home, get to know you a little more and see how we can make your wedding everything you hope it will be. We truly appreciate your time and hope to hear from you soon! 

Your Memory's Worth

We understand why your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Somewhere between the finishing touches of makeup and the wide array of dance moves at the reception, a story is told.  It’s the beginning of your story together. How do you imagine the memories of this day will be told for years to come? What are these memories worth?

As we plan our own wedding, we can relate to the time and effort you have invested to make every detail of your day picture perfect. We capture not only the beautiful bouquets and exchanging of the rings, but the love and emotion you feel while making your commitment in front of your friends and family. These are the memories you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Your investment with Swatch Studios ensures that you will be relaxed from our first meeting to the send-off on your wedding night. With our all-day coverage, we don’t put a time limit on capturing your love, laughter, and tears of joy.

Sometimes the months that pass between the engagement ring and the vows get overlooked. Let us take a moment with you to enjoy this time together. We see Swatch Tailored Engagement Stories as a great opportunity for you to get to know us before the big day.  Make the most of this time and create art with us. There are timeless moments that will not go unnoticed. 

Whether you use these images for your save the dates, or simply to  freeze the love and excitement of being newly engaged, we will tailor this special moment to you.  Take us to your favorite spot in town, a beautiful flower garden or the local coffee shop. You deserve to take a break from the planning and coordinating to focus on you two as a couple and look awesome doing it!

Signature Line Overview

Our line of signature prints and albums defines beauty with a high quality, breathtaking and stunning presentation. You will fall in love with your images all over again as you hang them on your wall or leaf through the pages of your album. Each of these items was specifically chosen by us to showcase the beautiful moments and memories of your day.

The Signature Heritage Album is a simply beautiful album in every aspect. Custom designed to highlight your amazing wedding day story, your album is the perfect way to share your wedding memories with friends and family and to pass down for generations to come. With elegant cover options like linen, leather, distressed leather and etched patterns, you are sure to create something that matches your personal style. The leather is full grain, so your album will develop a great patina as you share it through the years. With exceptionally thick, deep matte pages, your album is sure to stand the test of time and age beautifully. 

Signature Wrapped Canvas 

Another gorgeous way to show off your beautiful images as works of art. Printed directly on canvas with a timeless matte finish, the gallery wrapped canvas prints are your own personal masterpiece. If you are going for a more classic, rustic style, these are perfect for you. From an 8" x 10" that fits in the office to the jaw-dropping 60” x 40” that makes a statement in any home.

Signature Metal 

Our metal prints are a stunning, sleek way to display your images as eye-catching art. If you are looking for the perfect addition to your modern home decor, these print pieces will fit perfectly. Your images are infused into specially coated metal sheets, creating definition and clarity with an artistic edge and elegance that your wedding memories deserve.

Deepe Matte Prints

Our deep matte prints are ready to be framed and displayed for all to see. In sizes 8" x 10" and larger, these prints hold all of the quality and beauty of your stunning images. These prints showcase beautiful moments from your day that reflect your love and excitement, and fit perfectly above the fireplace.  The art on your wall will be a constant reminder of the happiest day of your life!

How much time is enough?

We know what goes into your big day, and we don’t want to miss a thing! Ten hours of coverage is ideal and more than enough. With good planning and coordination, eight hours is no problem. Our six hour package is for those couples who might be having only a ceremony or only a reception. The last thing we want to do is put a time limit on your story. That is why we work with you in planning your timeline so that you don't have to worry about a time crunch!

Our typical wedding day begins when our bride is getting put together; styling her hair, applying makeup, putting on jewelry, and zipping up that gorgeous dress. These little details that begin the day tell a story of excitement, anticipation and a few nerves. From the ceremony and the fun time with the bridal party, we craft the details that make your day. After our time with just the two of you, we head to the reception to celebrate the night away! 

We document all of the great dance moves that you and your family have been practicing and we are more than happy to stay through the end to capture a special send-off. We are honored to be a part of this celebration from beginning to end.



We are always happy to offer our input about what will flow best for your timeline and venue. Essentially, what makes you comfortable is always our top priority.

While we don’t feel it is our place to guide you one way or another, we have definitely experienced the benefits of a first look. In coordinating your timeline, getting ready earlier in the day and finishing most of your pictures before the ceremony allows you to go right into the reception and celebration. This is mostly beneficial when your ceremony and reception are all in one location. Another good point is that hair, makeup and attire are all fresh! Tears haven’t messed with your eye make-up and the guys haven’t had time to wrinkle their jackets. Everything is picture perfect and ready to go.

On the other hand, nothing beats tradition. If your dream day involves seeing your soon-to-be wife/husband at the beginning of the ceremony, then that should happen! The important thing is that you leave plenty of time afterwards for us to craft your wedding day images and maintain a stress-free day. This works best with an earlier ceremony time. We have no problem with keeping you separated before the big moment! Several of our couples have even had a moment of prayer or hand-holding (without seeing each other) before the ceremony.


What’s the deal with your studio name?

When we teamed up and rebranded, we took a lot of time finding the perfect name. We wanted something original, fresh and contemporary. We knew we wanted to stay away from ‘Brooks & Diana Photography’ or ‘Our Love Studios’. Swatch fit our idea of a name that was not too gushy, not to edgy, but right in between. We also knew that we wanted to end with ‘Studios’. At the time of rebranding, we were focusing on weddings and senior portraits, but we knew the we would eventually expand into the film world and possibly into commercial photography and more. We wanted to keep our business name slightly generic so that our brand could fit whatever road we decided to go down.


How will I receive my images?


We deliver your images to you via an online gallery. This site is eye-pleasing and user friendly. You can email, tweet, Pin, and share on Facebook or Google + which makes it super easy to share your favorite moments of the day! Your family and friends will even have the option to order prints for themselves right through the online gallery!